Prevent Keto Flu And 4 Ways to Treat Keto Flu You Never Heard

Just after starting keto diet you face a hurdle and it is keto flu. Normally day 3 to day 5 is the time normally keto flu starts. Now as you know what is keto flu and when it starts, then comes the question: How to prevent keto flu? Or how to treat keto flu? Lets discuss this in today’s article-

How to prevent keto flu

Prevention is better than cure. So at first we have to think is there any way that we can follow to avoid keto flu.

First of all, think carefully about how you will start your keto diet. Honestly evaluate your strength. It may be better to start gradually. There are different ways to start a keto diet. Some of them allow you to go on a diet without unnecessary stress and keto flu.

How to Prevent Keto Flu

For example, a gradual intake of a keto diet may in this case mean a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates daily by 10 grams. And at the same time, an increase in the amount of fat. The gradual restriction of carbohydrates will help enter ketosis without the symptoms of keto flu. This procedure seemed to be effective for many individuals to prevent keto flu.

If you don’t want to count carbohydrates or it seems too complicated, try another way to gradually limit carbohydrates. Get rid of a new source of carbohydrates every week. First, from sweets, then cereals, from flour products and so on. This way is also useful to avoid keto flu.

One thing you should keep in mind that treating keto flu is not as easy as avoiding it. So mostly you should try your best to avoid keto flu.

Secondly, eat more fat. Do not cut calories at least at the beginning of the diet. The body needs to get used to a new source of energy.

How to treat keto flu

Symptoms of keto flu like keto flu sore throat or keto flu vomiting disappear on their own within a few days, mostly one or two weeks. But why suffer from this awkward symptoms while we can reduce them in a while? Lets see how to treat keto flu and get some relief.

Consume more salt and water to cure keto flu

As most of the symptoms of keto flu are mainly due to lack of salt in your body, so you should increase the intake of salt and water to prevent keto flu. Even the unpleasant sensation of keto flu can be highly decreased by taking salt and water.

In the first few weeks of a keto diet, every time you start to feel headache, weakness, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms, drink a glass of water and a half teaspoon of salt. Such a drink can relieve the symptoms of keto-flu in 15-30 minutes. Drink it twice a day, or more often as needed. But please keep in mind that, if you have high blood pressure then you have to consult doctor before taking salt and water as a cure of keto flu.

Water can be replaced with bone, chicken or beef broth, and salt with salted butter.

Try to drink plenty of water to avoid keto flu. The larger your body, the more water it can lose in the first stages of a keto diet and, therefore, the more water it will need to restore a healthy balance. In the first week of a keto diet, try to drink at least 3 liters of water.

It is not necessary to force yourself to drink 3 liters of water in the name of treating keto flu. It is important to drink enough water, for which unsweetened tea or coffee is also well suited.

Consuming enough water and salt also helps to cope with another problem often encountered in the initial stages of a keto diet – constipation.

What salts you should take according to symptoms of keto flu?

Before discussing about salts, you have to know which salts are really important for your body. When you start your keto diet, you will start to lose 3 types of salts mainly. And they are-

  • Sodium Salts.
  • Potassium Salts.
  • Magnesium Salts.

you will face 3 different types of symptoms for these salts. You have to take steps according to the following symptoms.

Symptoms of keto flu when you lose sodium salts
  • Headache.
  • Brain Fog.
  • Fatigue.
  • Muscle Cramps.
How to cure lose of sodium salts in case of keto flu

Direct consumption of sodium salts cannot be prescribed because it can lead you to high blood pressure. So to avoid keto flu what you can take is-

  • Himalayan Salt.
  • Bacon.
  • Buillon.
  • Salted Nuts.
Symptoms of keto flu when you lose potassium salts
  • Low Blood Pressure.
  • Constipation.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Muscle Cramps.
How to cure lose of potassium salts in case of keto flu

You cannot potassium salts directly to cure keto flu. So you should take-

  • Salmon.
  • Avocados.
  • Dark Leafy Greens.
  • Mushrooms.
Symptoms of keto flu when you lose magnesium salts
  • Lethargy.
  • Anxiety.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Muscle Cramps.
How to cure lose of magnesium salts in case of keto flu

Direct consumption of magnesium salts cannot be a cure of keto flu. So what you can take is-

  • Himalayan Salt.
  • Bacon.
  • Bouillon.
  • Salted Nuts.
How to treat keto flu

More fats means less symptoms of keto flu

Increased intake of salt and water usually helps to cope with most of the side effects of keto flu. However, if even after that you continue to feel unwell, try eating more fat.

Decades of misconception about the dangers of fats have led to universal girophobia. Such fear often becomes a problem for those who are just starting their acquaintance with a low-carb ketogenic diet. But to prevent keto flu you have to increase fat consumption.

The fact is that if you significantly reduce the intake of carbohydrates and at the same time do not eat more fats, the body begins to think that it is starving. As a result, you feel severe hunger, fatigue, and even despair.

With a well-balanced keto diet, you need to consume proper amount of fats so that you do not feel hunger immediately after eating. Thus you will have enough energy for many hours. 

Be sure to eat more fat the first time. Then, when the body adapts and begins to use fats and ketones as energy sources, reduce the intake of fats to the level at which you can easily maintain a balance between a feeling of hunger and a feeling of fullness. This is the second step you can take as a cure of keto flu.

Do not lean on sports

Many adherents of the keto-diet note an increase in energy levels and stamina. However, excessive exercise in the early stages can exacerbate the symptoms of keto flu

A well-known specialist in ketogenesis, Dr. Steve Finney, in his study revealed that in the first week of the ketogenic diet, physical performance decreases in both obese people and hardy athletes. On the 4th week of keto nutrition, physical performance gets recovered in both groups of people.

You can do walking, exercise and light yoga. In the first weeks of a keto diet, your body will be under stress. So additional loads in the form of heavy training are contraindicated. So if you take a little and then go on for exercise you will successfully prevent keto flu.

If you have already started doing exercise please take a break. Otherwise, you may suffer badly from keto flu.

Do not limit yourself to food

In the first week of a keto-diet, some people notice a decrease in appetite due to their nausea and headache.

Others, on the contrary, feel brutal hunger, which is why they are afraid that they will consume too many calories and protein, which can prevent weight loss.

When switching to a ketogenic diet, do not focus on calories and nutrients. By limiting yourself in food and overly straining yourself with thoughts about its amount, you will increase the symptoms of keto flu

Do not worry. When you come to a state of ketosis, your appetite will decrease and you will naturally eat less than before.

Eat as much as you need to feel full. If you are hungry between meals, do not deny yourself a carbohydrate-free snack, such as a boiled egg. However, be careful not to overeat: eat slowly and listen carefully to your body.

I hope now you have a clear idea on- how to prevent keto flu and how to cure keto flu. At first, please keep in mind that, do not get panicked with keto flu. It is nothing so serious.

If you have answer to some related questions like- what is keto flu, when does keto flu start, what are the symptoms of keto flu, how to prevent keto flu and how to treat keto flu- you have nothing to worry. Take proper measures and enjoy your keto life.

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