In your keto life, you will often feel bored. As you do not have much options available to you. Today’s keto simple syrup recipe will bring you out of this monotony and you will have some delicious options on your meal.

For any keto follower, kitchen maintenance is really a tough game. This keto simple syrup recipe will definitely help you and it will enrich your culinary knowledge.

At first let us know what is a simple syrup, then we will have a look at what is keto simple syrup. After understanding all these, it will be easy for you to understand the recipe and use it regularly.

What is simple syrup?

A simple syrup is a concept that is basically used during cooking. And in this case simple syrup represents a sweet syrup which has a very simple recipe.

This syrup is called simple syrup because there are no complicated steps associated with preparing this syrup.

The basic procedure of making a simple syrup is: mixing same quantity of water and sugar and then they are dissolved by heat and then cooled.

Normally this is the process. However, we would have to change it as we are planning to prepare a keto simple syrup. So we would not be able to use sugar.

What is keto simple syrup?

A keto simple syrup is a sugar free syrup. A keto simple syrup is a sweet syrup made with some sweetener in spite of sugar which is keto diet friendly.

keto simple syrup

But point to be noted is all keto friendly sweetener is not suitable for preparing keto simple syrup.

One more thing is that while making keto simple syrup we have to keep counting the calories and carbs on a regular basis.

Which keto sweeteners are suitable for keto simple syrup?

This portion was really tough. We had to go through each and every sweeteners that are allowed on a keto diet. We tried different methods to prepare keto sweeteners from them.

And after a long trial and error we have found that there are mainly three options for you guys. And they are-

  • Erythritol
  • Allulose
  • Xylitol

Among them erythritol is the best choice. Although in some brands it has a chemical like taste and it sometimes spoils the flavour of cocktails. But it is not the case for all brands. Erythritol is very safe and easily available.

But if you are very much picky about taste, then you can try allulose. Allulose does not add anything other than sweetness.

The third option is xylitol. You can also try it. It is also easily available and suitable for preparing keto simple syrup.

What is the use of keto simple syrup?

Why is keto syrup needed?

  • You can make cocktails with him
  • It can be used in various recipes.

In this case, the calories are zero, and the taste is what you need for the recipe.

keto simple syrup with maple extract

Keto syrup [Maple syrup substitute]

You cannot imagine a better breakfast than a pancake with some fresh maple syrup. So we were trying our best to find some sugar free pancake syrup for some time.

I think you are already fed up with me. Right? May be you are thinking that: what the hell is a sugar free maple syrup? But my point is: this is the challenge of our keto journey.

We have to invent ways to find for our meals.

Of course there is no direct way to find a way to use maple syrup on your pancakes during a keto diet. But may be we can find some substitutes.

Finding a keto simple syrup which testes sweet and which is delicious is never easy. And today our project is to find a perfect keto simple syrup recipe.

Today you will learn the easiest keto simple syrup recipe which will allow you to prepare a fantastic maple flavoured syrup substitute. Our keto simple syrup recipe will help you find a proper substitute for actual maple syrup.

And after making this fantastic syrup you will be able to enjoy your breakfast with some delicious pancakes.

Why will you make homemade keto simple syrup? [why not buy keto simple syrup]

Original maple syrup is very delicious and really mouth-watering. But it is contradictory with the basics of keto diet. Because only one table spoon of maple syrup contains 14 grams of carbohydrates. So you can never imagine of taking genuine maple syrup during your keto journey.

So we have to replicate it. But can’t we buy an already available maple syrup? Unfortunately, the sugar free maple syrups which are available to us actually do not use a single drop of maple. So, we have no option left. Our only option is to find a keto simple syrup recipe.

To help you in this case, we the keto forum team have tried our best to try each and every sugar free maple syrups which are available in the market place. But we are yet to find any substitute for genuine maple syrup. And that is the reason we are trying to make homemade sugar free maple syrup.

As you are going through this keto simple syrup recipe, we can say that you are fond of maple syrup. And rest assured that your waiting is over. Today you will get the best maple syrup substitute because it contains original maple extract. What can be better than that?

But how will you sweeten this syrup? We recommend erythritol. Because erythritol is a natural product that can sweeten the syrup replacing the sugar. This helps us get a maple syrup with zero carbohydrate.

Ingredients for low-carb syrup

So how is sugar free keto syrup made? With just four ingredients and ten minutes of time, this is how! So here is what you need for this keto simple syrup recipe:

  • One cup of water.
  • One cup of erythritol Powder.
  • One and half table spoon of maple extract.
  • Half tea spoon Xanthum rubber.

You may think that why I am advertising this keto simple syrup recipe so much? Just because it is prepared by us? No. I am not beating my own drums. This recipe is best because this maple syrup substitute is using original maple extract.

And as it is using original maple extract, the flavour you get will be 100% genuine.

Then be sure to buy erythritol powder or spray it yourself. Otherwise you will finally get a sandy syrup which will spoil your pancakes and cocktails.

So basically you need some preparation. It does not mean that you need hours of time. Just 5-10 minutes. So that you can use everything in powder form. For that all you need is a blender and some patience.

Erythritol will always be my choice for a natural sweetener in most keto friendly recipes because it tastes great, has no aftertaste, and does not have any side effects on your body.

With real maple extract, this sugar free maple syrup is close to real, with almost zero carbohydrates or calories. This gluten-free, low-carb keto syrup is ready in 10 minutes! You need this sugar free pancake syrup to complete your low-carb breakfast.

How to make keto simple syrup without sugar [Cooking Istructions]

The first step in making your pancake syrup sugar free is putting your kitchen utensils together. You need a pot and a whisk. 

Then, gather all your ingredients. Now follow the following steps:

  1. Mix the water, erythritol powder and maple extract in a small pan.
  2. Turn on the fire. Start boiling the mixture very gently. Use a sppon and stir the mixture slowly until the erythritol get dissolved into the water.
  3. Pour the liquid into a blender. This portion is very tricky. You have to sprinkle half of the xanthan gum very slowly on top of it.

    Please keep in mind that you do not have to throw it upon the liquid, all you have to do is just gently sprinkle it lightly and evenly. Slowly continue stirring until there are no lumps. 

    Repeat this process for the rest of the xantham gum.
  4. Please be patient and wait for a few minutes so that the syrup gets thicken.

    After waiting for a while if you find the syrup is not thick enough, I mean if the thickness is not up to your likeliness, add a little more xantham gum.

    Be cautious. You have to add just a little bit at a time (1/16 teaspoon at a time, sprinkle lightly and puree again).

This is the proper way to thicken your low carb syrup. You have to sprinkle just a little xanthan gum on top. Then immediately you have to beat it. Otherwise there will be lumps.

Recipe Notes

  • The recipe has 1 calories and 1 grams of carbohydrates, excluding erythritol, which has 0 net carbohydrates.
  • Syrup can crystallize over time if stored, and is softer when hot. If crystallization occurs, reheat it (either on the stove or in the microwave), then shake or shake vigorously until smooth. 

    You can reduce crystallization by using a powdered sweetener (instead of granules).

Serving size of this maple flavoured syrup

2 tablespoons

Nutritional information per serving

Nutritional data Amount per serving. Serving size in the recipe notes above. 

  • Calories 1
  • Fat 0 gram
  • Proteins 0 gram
  • Total Carbs 1 gram
  • Net Carbs 0 gram
  • Fiber 1 gram
  • Sugar 0 gram

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How to store keto syrup?

This is the easiest keto recipe that we have developed. This keto simple syrup recipe has only 4 ingredients and it takes only 10 minutes to prepare. And you will get 2 tablespoons of syrup for you.

In most cases this amount is just enough. but if you are thinking that this amount is too much, you can change all the amounts into half and you will get only one table spoon.

But do not get me wrong. There is nothing like that this keto simple syrup recipe is not worthy of storing. You can store it and reuse it.

This keto simple syrup is easy to refrigerate and you can use it whenever you like. But keep in mind that there is a small issue. It will get crystallised. But you do not have to worry. You can dissolve it again just by heating it.

Simply reheat the sugar free pancake syrup, then shake it. And everyone knows that maple syrup testes best while it is hot. So this process will not hamper the taste.

keto simple syrup recipe

How to enjoy sugar free keto simple syrup?

Now this seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? You have made this keto simple syrup to use it with pancakes. All the hassles that you have taken for this keto simple syrup recipe will come true when you will be able to enjoy it with some fantastic pancakes or cocktails.

Choose the pancake properly. It can be dairy free, it can be a coconut flour or it can be anything you like. But please follow keto rules and regulations. Do not exceed the carb level and enjoy your pancakes with this sugar free keto simple syrup.

Yes, I’m pretty sure this keto simple syrup makes almost any low-carb breakfast better.

FAQ on keto simple syrup

Can you make keto simple syrup at home?

Of course yes. The keto simple syrup recipe that we have discussed here is totally a home-made procedure. Only 4 ingredients are necessary. And the whole process can be done at home.

What is keto substitute for simple syrup?

For keto simple syrup recipe we have to find some substitute for sugar. We can replace sugar with-
1. Erythritol.
2. Allulose.
3. Xylitol. etc.


Now that’s all for today. I hope this keto simple syrup recipe will help you a lot and you would enjoy a delicious keto diet lifestyle.

See you soon!

Best Keto Simple Syrup Recipe - Only 4 Ingredients
Best Keto Simple Syrup Recipe - Only 4 Ingredients

In your keto life, you will often feel bored. As you do not have much options available to you. Today's keto simple syrup recipe will bring you out of this monotony and you will have some delicious options on your meal.

Type: Breakfast

Cuisine: American

Keywords: keto simple syrup, sugar free maple syrup, sugar free syrup, keto maple syrup, maple extract, maple syrup substitute

Recipe Yield: 2 Table Spoons

Calories: 1

Preparation Time: 10M

Cooking Time: 10M

Total Time: 20M

Recipe Video:

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Recipe Video Name: Best keto simple syrup recipe maple syrup substitute with erythritol

Video Upload Date: 2020-05-28T22:28:00

Recipe Video Description: Today's video is all about keto simple syrup. A sugar free syrup that works best as a substitute for maple syrup. You can use this syrup for- # You can make cocktails with him # It can be used in various recipes. It is a very simple recipe and the main feature of this recipe is that it contains 0 gram of carbohydrates. So you have no risk of beign kicked out of your precious ketosis. Check Out the detailed post here on our blog for more details.

Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup of water. 1 cup of erythritol Powder. 1 1/2 table spoon of maple extract. 1/2 tea spoon Xanthum rubber.

Recipe Instructions: 1. Mix the water, erythritol powder and maple extract in a small saucepan. 2. Bring the mixture to a gentle boil. Simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the erythritol dissolves. 3. Pour the liquid into a blender. Sprinkle half of the xanthan gum on top (don't throw it away, just sprinkle lightly and evenly). Puree immediately, until there are no lumps. Repeat with the rest of the xantham gum. 4. Wait a few minutes to allow the syrup to thicken further. If it's still thinner than you'd like, add a little more xanthan gum, just a little bit at a time (1/16 teaspoon at a time, sprinkle lightly and puree again).

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