When Does Keto Flu Start And End – Basic Info

Obesity is a problem for many of us and due to this keto diet is so popular among us. But Keto diet is not free from hassle as well. Keto Flu is one of them. Many of us face this sphere. Because of this anyone who is interested in keto diet comes up with a question: when does keto flu start and when does keto flu end?

When does keto flu start?

Keto-influenza occurs as a result of the fact that our body begins to use fats, not sugar, as an energy source. Keto flu starts when these changes start.

What are the changes that start keto flu?

Moving from a high-carb diet to an extremely low-carb diet leads to lower insulin levels. Reduced insulin levels contribute to better health and are one of the main goals of the ketogenic diet. In conditions of low insulin levels, the liver begins to convert fats to ketones, which most cells can successfully use instead of glucose. When the body begins to actively generate energy from ketones and fats, a state of ketosis occurs.

However, the brain and other organs take some time to get used to the new type of “fuel”. In response to a drop in insulin levels, the body begins to excrete more salt and fluid with urine, which is why toilet trips can become much more frequent in the first weeks of a keto-diet. Therefore, in most cases, in the early stages of a keto diet, a very welcome rapid weight loss occurs. However, the loss of large amounts of salt and water also leads to a number of unpleasant symptoms of keto flu. So for those who want to know when does keto flu start, this is the time it starts.

Every person’s body responds in its own way to a keto diet. From the very first days of the diet, they feel great, or they feel an excess of weakness. Others are “fall out” of normal life for several days.

If you want to know when does keto flu hit in a word, the answer will be “When you start feeling like crap, you’ll know …. 🙂 “

Just kidding!

The exact answer really depends on a number of factors, which is why any specialist mention a range of days.

Factors behind the time of keto flu hit

Here are some of the factors which affect if you go through the kept flu, and when keto flu might start:

  1. How strict you are in cutting your carbs.
  2. Your individual tolerance of very low carb intake and how quickly your body adapts to the changes.
  3. The other usual suspects, such as sleep, hydration, and what you actually eat.

In most cases, which I saw or heard, I would say it started around day 3 and peaked around day 5.

Some people goes through keto flu on subsequent weeks. But some do not. Those who do not go through keto flu on subsequent cycles can assume that their body is ready for keto. I also think doing intermittent fasting probably helped them.

Actually it differs from man to man in case of when does keto flu start. Because for everyone health behaves in a different manner after the very beginning of keto diet.

It is important to know when keto flu starts to be prepared for it. And we can take necessary initiatives to prevent keto flu.

when does keto flu start and when does keto flu end

When does keto flu end?

On an average, I saw keto flu to last 7 days or less. But again, it differs from man to man. In some extreme cases Keto flu can last up to a month.

However, It depends on your gene. Depending on your genetic structure, you may never experience the symptoms keto flu. Some people are naturally “metabolically flexible”. It means that they can easily cope up with the changes in their meal plan. Even drastic change is not an issue.

However, if we take proper measurements, we will be able to successfully tolerate or prevent keto-flu, regardless of the severity of the symptoms. All we have to do now is to be aware of keto flu, when does keto start, how long keto flu lasts etc.

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