Is Agave Keto Friendly – 3 Little-known Facts You Should Consider

And now we are again here with another sweetener to discuss. Today we will try to find: is agave keto friendly or not. Agave syrup or agave nectar is very common as a sweetener especially to the vegan people. So many times we get comments like: is agave keto friendly.

And for this reason today we are here for a complete discussion over this topic and after reading this you will never have to ask: is agave keto friendly.

Before that lets at first take a basic knowledge on agave for those who do not know much about agave.

In recent years, agave syrup has gained great popularity among people interested in a healthy diet, which is actively promoted as a “healthy” and “natural” alternative to sugar. This syrup is especially popular in vegan and raw food circles, where it is used for the preparation of various “useful” desserts. But are the claims justified for the benefit, or at least less harm of this product? Let’s get this straight.

What is agave?

Agave is a perennial single-family plant of the Agave family of the Asparagus family, a “distant relative” of aloe. The Latin name is Ag’ve. It has a short trunk and a large rosette of fleshy and prickly leaves. In the wild grows primarily in Mexico, as well as in the surrounding regions.

What is agave

Agave leaves produce fiber from which ropes, twine, fabrics and paper are made. But above all, agave is used in the production of traditional Mexican alcoholic beverages – pulque, tequila and mezcal. Some agaves make sweet syrup similar to honey, which has become a popular sweetener around the world in recent years. In many countries it is called “agave nectar”, but syrup and nectar are the same product, the difference is only in marketing.

Is agave keto friendly [Can I use agave on a keto diet]

To understand this at first we have to know the amount of carbs in agave syrup. That will help us decide: is agave keto friendly

We will answer your question: “Is agave keto friendly” in three steps. Because there are three questions associated with this. They are-

  • Is agave syrup keto friendly
  • Is agave nectar keto friendly
  • Is agave tequila keto friendly
Is agave keto friendly

So first, lets start with agave syrup.

Is agave syrup keto friendly

What is agave syrup? [How to produce agave syrup]

Blue agave is used for the production of both agave syrup and agave tequila. At first buds of agave flowers are squeezed. In this case, we have to keep in mind that agave flowers can be of so many colours.

Extracted juice is filtered and heated, resulting in a thick and viscous liquid. The cooking temperature may vary, but many organic varieties are cooked at temperatures below 46 degrees and are considered as a raw food product.

In addition, there is technology to produce syrup and without heating, when condensation occurs due to the addition of special enzymes.

Light and dark varieties of syrup are made from the same plant, the only difference is that dark varieties are less filtered or additionally enriched with inuine.

I hope that is enough of introduction to agave. Now lets dive deep and try to reach our main goal: is agave keto friendly.

Carbs in agave syrup [Is agave syrup high in carbs]

Agave syrup consists of 76% of carbohydrates, including:

  • Fructose – 85 – 95%
  • Dextrose – 3 – 10%
  • Sucrose – 1.5-3.0%
  • Inulin – 3-5.0%

Unlike conventional sugar, which contains equally glucose and fructose (combined in sucrose molecules), agave syrup consists almost entirely of fructose, so it is sweeter than sugar by about one and a half times.

Is agave keto friendly

Why agave syrup is not keto

As you have seen agave syrup is a high carbohydrate sweetener. So undoubtedly you will say that agave syrup is not keto friendly.

But wait! Why then “is agave keto friendly” a regular question? There must be some reasons behind this.

On various sites selling agave syrup, as well as on resources devoted to healthy eating, you can find many statements that agave syrup is a useful dietary product recommended to those who monitor their weight and health.

These claims are based on a low glycemic syrup index, 17. Low GI means that the carbohydrates contained in the syrup do not cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and increased insulin production. This property makes agave syrup a popular product among diabetics and those who adhere to GI-based diets, such as the Montignac diet.

Another argument in favor of agave syrup is that its caloric content (310 kcal/100 g) is 20% less than sugar. And because agave syrup is one and a half times sweeter than sugar, it is required less, which means the total caloric content will be even lower.

You are getting curious. Right? Really confusing situation. What to say? Is agave keto friendly? Or is it not?

The low glycemic index of agave syrup is due to the fact that it has almost no glucose, but fructose, although sweeter, but has a very small effect on blood sugar. Due to this property, fructose products are often sold and advertised as “healthy”. But studies show the opposite – high fructose intake is health-damaging and the negative properties of agave syrup far outweigh the perceived benefits of a low glycemic index.

So after all this discussion now we can firmly tell you that

Agave syrup is not keto friendly

Is agave nectar keto friendly

But it is not the end of the question: is agave keto friendly. Because there is another question associated with this. That is: is agave nectar keto friendly?

Now for that we have to at first know some basics about agave nectar.

What is agave nectar

Agave is grown all over the world and offers several products from one plant. The flowers, stems and even the leaves of the agave are edible, but nectar is the most consumed part of the plant. Agave nectar is essentially the sweet sap extracted from the agave plant and used as a sweetener in place of sugar or other types of sweeteners.

Is agave nectar the same as agave syrup

Although they are very similar products, agave nectar and agave syrup are not the same. The production of agave nectar is very similar to recovering sap from a tree. The nectar of the agave comes directly from the agave plant, which is then heated to purify the solution. Like maple syrup, agave syrup is created by additional heating and treatment of the original product, sap.

Now as you know agave nectar is not agave syrup; now we can complete your query on: is agave keto friendly, by answering the question: is agave nectar keto friendly.

Is agave nectar keto

Why agave nectar is not keto

Although you can consume agave nectar in the keto diet, it is not recommended for people serious about the diet and to obtain the health benefits associated with the diet. 

Not only does agave nectar contain about 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving, but agave nectar is also basically sugar. Agave nectar does not have the same glycemic index of sugar, but it does promote some of the same effects that sugar has on the body. 

For a person on a ketone diet who seeks to limit their intake of carbohydrates and sugar, agave nectar should be avoided. So final decision on agave nectar:

Agave nectar is not keto friendly

But keep keto diet a side for a moment. Now lets say: is agave nectar good for weight loss? YES!!! But how???

The effects of the agave plant have been studied more deeply lately, and some studies have determined a connection between agave consumption and body weight. A recent study has shown that agave can be a great addition to a diet for those who want to lose weight. 

When agave was consumed consistently by obese individuals who consumed a low calorie diet, there was a marked effect on body weight, body fat, BMI and even triglyceride levels. After a period of 12 weeks, the scientists observed that the group that consumed the agave lost about 10% of its body fat.

But in case of keto diet, the discussion is different. Keto diet considers carbohydrate as a basic. And agave fails in it. So anytime the answer to the question: “is agave keto friendly” will be No.

Is agave tequila keto friendly

Now lets answer another related question: is agave tequila keto friendly? We hope you can already assume the answer. But lets clarify the situation a bit. Is agave keto friendly? No. Why? Because it has high amount of carbs.

So how can agave tequila be keto friendly? As it is made of blue agave. According to the law, in agave tequila there has to be at least 51% of blue agave. The rest can be natural spirit. Basically which is sugar cane.

In this tequila agave can go up to 100%. Even if it is not 100%, the rest portion will come from sugar cane. Which is another enemy of keto. So in no way agave tequila is keto friendly.

Agave tequila is not keto friendly

So this way we can wrap up our discussion. I hope you have got the answer for your question: is agave keto friendly. Please avoid agave for the sake of protecting your ketosis and carry on your keto journey smoothly and easily.

FAQ on “is agave keto friendly”

What is agave used for?

Agave is most commonly used as a natural sweetener and sugar substitute for those looking to decrease the amount of refined sugar in their current diet. 

It is usually added to increase the sweetness of cold and hot drinks. 
However, it is also included in several other types of products and can be used as a binding agent for items like granola bars or cereal.

What are the side effects of agave?

Most of the side effects related to the consumption of agave are due to the consumption of larger amounts of the sweetener over time. 

Agave has relatively high levels of fructose, which is a type of sugar that the body has difficulty digesting in large quantities. 
With prolonged consumption, this can increase body fat levels and contribute to insulin resistance in users.

And in your case it is harmful because it is not keto. The primary question regarding to any food for any keto follower is: is it keto friendly?

If the answer is no, then you cannot take it whatever it benefit it may have. And in this case: is agave keto friendly? No. So this is the main side effect for us. It hampers keto.

Is agave better than stevia?

Unlike agave, stevia has zero calories per serving, making it a great option for anyone looking to lose weight or cut calories. 

Stevia does not contribute to an increase in blood pressure after consumption, but agave causes a slight increase in blood sugar levels. 

In general, stevia is the best choice when it comes to sweetener, as it has zero calories and also does not affect blood sugar levels.

What are the benefits of using agave?

Agave is generally seen as a relatively healthy additive and a solid substitute for sugar for those looking to reduce their sugar intake. 

Agave nectar has a glycemic index of 19, which is significantly less than a glycemic index of around 60, found in common table sugar. 
This makes agave nectar a safer alternative for those with unstable blood sugar levels. 

Some theorized that the use of agave nectar on the skin results in anti-aging effects and reduction of bacteria. 

These claims date back thousands of years to the ancient Aztec population.One study suggests that when compared to other natural types of sugar (sucrose), agave nectar has a greater influence on weight maintenance and blood glucose levels. 

There seems to be a connection between the consumption of agave and a reduction in body fat and body weight. Another study links the consumption of agave to a possible prebiotic effect. 

Prebiotics have an incredible effect on the gastrointestinal system, specifically increasing healthy bacteria to promote general gut health

Is agave syrup a safe sweetener for a type II diabetic?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you know that consuming foods with a low glycemic index is in your best interest. 

That said, agave syrup has a glycemic index of 19, which is extremely low when considering the fact that table sugar has a glycemic index above 60.

Nectar and agave syrup are therefore great substitutes for sugar if you have diabetes, as the substances will not cause a drastic increase in blood sugar levels after consumption. 

However, as agave has high levels of fructose, you should only consume agave in limited quantities to avoid harmful effects to your health.

Is agave vegan?

Both agave nectar and agave syrup are considered vegan because they come directly from a plant.

What is a substitute for agave? [What is the best sweetener for Keto?]

There are many keto substitutes for agave. We have already discussed them. But still we are telling once again. The keto substitutes for agave are-

1. Stevia.
2. Allulose.
3. Monk Fruit.
4. Erythritol.

Your question was: “is agave keto friendly”. You got the answer negetively. So here we are with these substitutes.

We hope that our article has justified your query. And we also hope that you have got your desired answers in the FAQ section. But still if you have any query related to: “is agave keto friendly” or anything related to keto diet, please feel free to ask in comments section.

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See you soon!

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