Can You Eat Watermelon On Keto – 4 Ultimate Facts For Successful Keto

Can I eat watermelon on a keto diet? Of course it is a question after you have started your keto diet. Right? It is really very tough to understand which food can eat and what we should avoid during a keto diet. Today we will discuss: can you eat watermelon on keto diet?

Keto diet has become a trend now. Who wants to stay fat? Everyone wants to lose weight and for that every now and then people are starting keto diet. But right after that, their question is: now what can we eat? What is good for keto and what is not?

Watermelon is a very common fruit and on a hot summer day, what is better than a slice of watermelon? Now does watermelon have an issue with ketogenic diet? For that we have to understand the chemical properties of watermelon. Then we will be able to clarify: can you eat watermelon on keto or not.

Can you eat watermelon on keto diet?

On the keto diet, you should eat 20-30 grams carbs a day. Even if it exceeds the limit, it can never exceed the range of 50 grams. So this perimeter – which food or fruit does it allow?

Surprisingly, fruit, which is higher in carbs and fructose than many other natural whole foods, isn’t off-limits; you just need to be careful which fruits you decide to eat. Does it help you with watermelon? Can you eat watermelon on keto?

In a 100 gram serving of watermelon, there will be-

  • 7.55 grams of carbohydrates.
  • 0.40 grams of fibres.
  • 7.15 grams of pure carbohydrates.

Lets take a deeper look into watermelon. it will help us make our decision.

Can you eat watermelon on keto

Is watermelon high in calories?

Watermelon has so much water that, by dissolution, it has few calories, few vitamins, and few minerals. Approximately 1 serving of watermelon has 60 – 90 calories (kcal), depending on the variety. That is the same as a kiwi.

What stands out most nutritionally from watermelons is their very high antioxidant content (lycopene and carotenes). It is therefore an essentially hydrating, satisfying and healthy food.

Does watermelon have a lot of sugar?

Watermelon is not a fruit with a lot of sugar, it contains approximately 7 gr of sugar per 100g.

A generous cut of watermelon has 10g of sugar and about 60 kcal.

For comparison, a 150g serving of blueberries (which are one of the fruits with the least carbohydrates) would have 6g of sugar. Instead, a large piece of apples or oranges (about 150-200g) have between 15 and 18g of sugar.

  • In addition to its nutritional value, it is very important not to equate the sugar in fruits with products with added sugars. The ultraprocessed with added sugars have an addictive power that fruits lack (they are hyperpalatable), and instead they have no nutritional value.

Why does watermelon appear to have a lot of sugar?

Despite having a similar sugar content, watermelon seems much sweeter than other fruits, such as apples or pears. This is because watermelon is a fruit rich in fructose, which is a type of sugar that has a high sweetening power. With less quantity, fructose provides more sweetness than sugar.

About fructose, it is a healthy sugar when we consume it in the form of natural foods, although it is true that there are sweeteners of pure fructose that are not recommended at all.

Is watermelon keto friendly?

After discussing all these, we have to tell you that despite many facts watermelon cannot clear its name for a keto diet chart. Because, in keto diet the contribution of carbohydrates in the diet is decreased. Adding watermelon in your diet chart will spoil your keto journey.

There are many other weight loss plan which allow watermelons in them. But not keto diet. The answer to the question: can you eat watermelon on keto is simple. Its a clear NO. You cannot eat watermelon on keto diet.

Watermelon is not allowed on a keto diet

When a ketogenic diet is followed, watermelon (and other fruits) would be a food to restrict or control its consumption enough. It is worth mentioning that this type of diet is not hypocaloric, but in addition to reducing carbohydrate-rich foods (rice, potatoes, etc.), the consumption of healthy fats and protein-rich foods (nuts, almonds etc.) should be increased virgin oil, fatty fish, etc.). 

But even after saying all this, if you insist on asking: is there any way you can eat watermelon on keto? Then our answer will be-

Yes, you can eat melons or watermelons during this diet, but you need to do this in moderation so as not to exceed your carbohydrates. It’s best to eat melons on a cyclic keto diet that combines workouts and carbohydrate days.

Is watermelon keto

Now this is where we will wrap up today. undoubtedly watermelon is a fruit with so many benefits. but the question was not: what are the benefits of watermelon. The question was: can you eat watermelon on keto. We hope we have cleared our point.

This amount of sugar and carbs can raise blood sugar and insulin levels and shut off ketone production


In stead of watermelon you can have other low carb fruits which will not come in the way of your keto journey. Such as- tomato, avocado, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, bell pepper, blueberry, coconut, blackberry, lime etc.

Can I eat watermelon keto? Or, Can you eat watermelon on keto?

No. In a single word, the answer is no. You cannot eat watermelon on a keto diet. Watermelon is a fruit with so many benefits. However, it is not suited for keto diet.

And taking this can kick you out of your ketosis.

How much carbs are there in watermelon?

In a 100 gram serving of watermelon we get 7.55 grams of carbohydrates. Of which 0.40 grams is fibre and the rest is pure carbohydrate.

Why isn’t watermelon keto?

Watermelon is suitable for many weight loss diet plans. But it is not meant for keto. And why?

Because of its carbohydrates. See, the main key of ketogenic diet is that you have to limit your carbohydrate consumption to achieve ketosis. And eating watermelon will never help you in this case.

Will watermelon ruin my keto diet?

If you are thinking about a small cheat then may be you can protect your ketosis while taking a small amount of watermelon. You can also eat some if you follow cyclic keto diet.

But in regular situation, if you eat watermelon regularly or in a large amount it will obviously ruin your ketosis and keto life.

Hope now you will never have to ask again: can you eat watermelon on keto. Do you have anything to ask. Please do comment. Share it if you like.

See you soon!

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